Glen - I've been to Dan twice for Alexander Technique and he's helped me so much. Looking forward to the next appointment. He really is a great at what he does. I'd had a problem with my leg for 2 years and just from the first session I had so much movement back again. I would highly recommend Dan for Alexander Technique.

E - Dan worked with my teenage dancer to help them with their posture. They went from standing up straight but with tension and pain to being much more relaxed and maintaining the posture without having to think about it. Dan was creative with the sessions, incorporating games and challenges which appealed to a sporty and competitive young person! An unexpected positive side effect of the sessions was a sense of relaxation and improved sleep!"

Chris - 'Working with Dan has proved beneficial to not just my physical health but also my mental wellbeing . Working in the NHS is both physically demanding and can be stressful. Historically I would seek treatment for aches and pains once I had sustained an injury. Since meeting Dan and working with the Alexander Technique I have been able to adopt a more pre-emptive attitude to health. With improved posture I have noticed a great improvement in flexibility and relief from tension . Working with Dan has increased my conscious awareness of movement which enables a more balanced approach encouraging a mindful attitude to life and whatever occurs during a day. Due to functioning with increased awareness I have noticed a marked reduction in physical injury and an improved ability to deal with stress. I have also developed a more relaxed and calmer demeanor which enables me to think more clearly in stressful situations. Dan and his knowledge of the Alexander Technique has transformed my health and life for which I am extremely grateful'.

Jon - 'Dan has really helped change the way I understand and use my body. Through his guidance and direction, he has helped me to identify unhelpful habits (things I had no idea I was even doing) and given me a better overall sense of myself. As a result, Dan has shown me my potential for freer, easier movement - and an ache free, pain free body. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Dan to anyone interested in learning more about the interplay between mind and body, and starting a journey to a new way of moving and experiencing life'.

Julie - 'Dan is a warm and encouraging teacher. When I go for a lesson with him he shows me how the Alexander Technique can help with the stresses of my life, and the aches and pains I have developed over the years. He has an instinctive grasp of how to give me a new experience: of reacting to things more appropriately, and moving with an ease I'd forgotten was possible. I have had lessons with other teachers and I find Dan is a naturally gifted teacher of the Alexander Technique. I truly value what I am learning from him'.

Martin - 'I have found Dan to be a very patient and approachable teacher. He has shown me in a very clear way how the body is designed to move in a holistic, integrated way. His explanations along with simple exercises have resolved a long standing shoulder problem. I would not hesitate in recommending Dan to anyone who is considering Alexander Technique'.

MM - 'As a teacher, Dan not only has a deep understanding of body structure and movement but is also able to communicate and teach these principles which is not an easy task, as many of the bad habits that we have in our body movement and structure are so deeply engrained, that it is not easy for us to understand and change. As a teacher Dan excels at understanding his students, recognising their mentality and helps them gain insight and consequently change for the better'.

Marty - 'Dan is a knowledgeable, approachable and professional teacher. His ability to explain how the body works and connects is easy to understand and, importantly, to apply to your own everyday movement. Over the time I have known Dan he has offered bespoke advice that has helped me in my general movement, posture and flexibility which has in turn improved my all round general health. I would highly recommend Dan as an excellent practitioner'.

Chris G - 'Due to a knee injury from a motorcycle accident, I was using a trekking pole as a walking aid for several months. I found the long pole better for my posture, but it was still hard work and often painful to get around. I spoke to Dan Parr about this, and he then asked me to walk a few steps with the pole while he observed how I was moving, taking into account my balance and the movement of my body as a whole. I thought I had been doing quite well, but Dan was quickly able to make a number of adjustments to everything I was doing. He showed me better ways to hold and move the pole as I walked, in order to carry my weight without straining my shoulder, how to integrate this movement into my regular pace of walking, and essentially how to move in a more relaxed and fluid way, with less effort. I stuck to a physio program throughout my recovery, but still the difference made by these adjustments was immediately noticeable, and I found that I could move around much more easily by following this advice. I highly recommend Dan for his excellent understanding of Alexander Technique'